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5 Hot hotels with super spas


Need a boost for your body and mind? Then why not head to one of these relaxing retreats with fabulous spa facilities

Port Ferdinand, Barbados
Best for… Holistic therapy
Where: St Peter, Barbados
Room rates: From US$1,043 for two nights
Info: +1 246 272 2000,

The wonderful tranquillity of Barbados’s north-west is encapsulated by the upscale Port Ferdinand Luxury Resort. At this marina-side retreat, you can watch yachts yawning into port and gaze as the island’s bearded fig trees are silhouetted against Caribbean sunsets. For even more good vibes, head to Port Ferdinand’s holistic-centric Sandbox Tree Spa. Based on BAMFORD natural and organic treatments, the spa offers a full wellness range, including shiatsu, meridian massage, yogic breathing and abdominal massage. Reflexology is one of the signature treatments, focusing on the body’s energies as well as those of the mind and aura. Wellness and couples packages are also available, as are more fitness-oriented experiences ranging from Pilates to paddleboarding. The property, which overlooks a tropical ravine, also has a range of opulent villas, inviting pools, a kids’ park, an adult recreation centre and even a golf simulator. There are plenty of places to eat, too, from the casual Quarterdeck Bar (good for pizza) to the elegant, newly revamped 13°/59° Restaurant.

Carlisle Bay, Antigua
Best for… Teen treatments
Where: Old Road, St Mary’s, Antigua
Room rates: From US$525
Info: +1 268 484 0000,

The range of treatments for teenagers is one of the specialities at Carlisle Bay’s Blue Spa. As well as the T (‘Teen’) Massage, there are manicures and pedicures created specifically for the under-15s, while the T Facial is designed with adolescent needs in mind, focusing on unclogging pores, exfoliating dead skin, rehydrating and eliminating those troublesome and unwanted oils. The spa menu also includes an in-room Seaweed Bath, which aims to detoxify and remineralise the body, with anti-ageing effects. There’s also a Bladderwrack Body Buff, which may sound like the name of a WWE wrestler but is in fact one element of a four-part organic body treatment that will leave your skin feeling amazing – and looking a great deal less like you’ve done ten rounds in a Vegas cage fight. The light wind whispering through the shutters and caressing your skin is a beautiful bonus.

Anse Chastanet, St Lucia
Best for… Ayurveda
Where: Soufrière, St Lucia
Room rates: From US$475
Info: +1 800 223 1108,

Relaxation is guaranteed at this dreamy spot, hidden away in a lush 600-acre tropical estate that sits within a UNESCO World Heritage site. The two sandy beaches are laze-all-day worthy and the bays, designated as marine reserves, provide amazing reef snorkelling. And all this natural blissfulness is before you’ve even ventured into the world-class wellness centre…

Anse Chastanet’s spa is called Kai Belté – Creole for ‘House of Beauty’. As well as five beachside treatment rooms and a hair and nail salon, it recently opened a new addition, Kai en Mer. This ‘House of the Sea’ is an open-air spa sitting atop a hill above the bay, providing spectacular views.

A huge range of treatments – here known as ‘rituals’ – start at low prices and include all sorts of massage, including hot stone, pre-/post-natal, deep tissue, aromatherapy and couples; they even run massage courses. The Ayurvedic Rituals are unparalleled in unblocking and re-aligning your chakras. The Rainbow Body Chakra Balancing Massage uses seven unique oils to work on the body’s seven realms, with the aim of nourishing your physical, emotional and mental well-being and bringing deep harmony – it’s a massage and a meditation.

If that isn’t enough, Anse Chastanet’s sister property, Jade Mountain, boasts Kai en Ciel (‘House in Heaven’), bringing rituals into your own accommodation. Wonderful on all counts.

Four Seasons, St Kitts & Nevis
Best for… Local ingredients
Where: Pinney’s Beach, Charlestown, Nevis
Room rates: from US$475
Info: +1 869 469 1111,

For centuries the volcanic soil of Nevis has nurtured plants that are both medicinal and delicious. At The Spa at Four Seasons, such herbs from its garden are used in many of the treatments. The Nevisian Massage begins with a foot bath in water infused with lemongrass, before a detox scrub that includes local brown sugar, cinnamon, coconut and nutmeg; the massage itself utilises West Indies spice essential oils. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Caribbean Fusion, a massage based round lemongrass and coconut milk. The resort has partnered with French spa brand Thémaé Paris, which takes inspiration from the antioxidant effects of spring water and tea. The Four Seasons’ herbs are used in bush teas, so its an ideal fit, creating supremely comforting treatments.

Mount Cinnamon, Grenada
Best for… Beach massage
Where: Morne Rouge, Grand Anse, St George’s, Grenada
Room rates: From US$415
Info: +1 473 439 9900,

Have all your senses stimulated at the Cinnamon Spa, where you can opt to have your treatment right on the beach in a private cabana. This means that, as you’re being pummelled, rubbed, relaxed and beautified, you can close your eyes and listen to the soft shush as the Caribbean waves gently flirt with the shore. It’s the ultimate calming experience, bringing luxury relaxation to a wonderful new level. Of course, if you prefer, treatments can be taken inside the cool, peaceful spa or even in your own room.

Local ingredients are utilised in many of the spa treatments, from the Aromatherapy Massage to the Cinnamon Signature Massage (which includes a pinch of Grenada nutmeg, too). You can also have manicures, pedicures, couples massage and body salt scrubs. Ever-popular is the Hot Stones Massage, based on placing volcanic basalt on energy points on the body – indulgent and revitalising. Waxing may not be quite so relaxing, but hey, no pain no gain, right? Or in the case of Mount Cinnamon: no pain, and no problem. No wonder celebs such as Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) have spent time here.