Take your brand airborne: advertise in ZiNG Caribbean magazine

Why ZiNG Caribbean?

ZiNG Caribbean is carried on all LIAT flights across the Caribbean, putting it in front of about 80,000 people each month. In addition, the magazine is stocked in businesses, hotels, cafes and other organisations in Barbados and Antigua, as well as online at Zinio.com
ZiNG offers regional and international businesses a captive audience of people with up to two hours to read the magazine.
LIAT encourages its passengers to take a copy of the magazine away with them, thus extending secondary readership. With copies on plane for a two-month duration, your advertisement enjoys strong, sustained exposure.
Advertising in ZiNG creates an association with one of the Caribbean’s most recognised and established brands, and puts your company at the forefront of the regional “shop window”.

Media Pack

For full demographics, rates and technical information, please email us to be sent a copy of the current media pack.

Publishing Schedules

  ISSUE: JAN-FEBRUARY  On plane: Jan 1  Booking deadline:  Nov 5
Material deadline:  Nov 15
  ISSUE: MARCH-APRIL On plane: Mar 1  Booking deadline:  Jan 5
Material deadline:  Jan 15
  ISSUE: MAY-JUNE On plane: May 1  Booking deadline:  Mar 5
Material deadline:  Mar 15
  ISSUE: JULY-AUGUST On plane: July 1  Booking deadline:  May 5
Material deadline:  May 15
  ISSUE: SEPT-OCT On plane: Sept 1 Booking deadline:  July 5
Material deadline:  July 15
   ISSUE: NOV-DEC  On plane: Nov 1 Booking deadline:  Sept 5
Material deadline:  Sept 15

“If magazine advertisers want to reach the most affluent readership, they need not turn to Fortune, Forbes or Real Simple. Instead, they should target in-flight magazines. Those glossy airline publications stuffed in the aircraft seat backs that seem full of destination profiles, crossword puzzles and endless travel-gadget ads have the distinction of having readers among the highest in average household income of general interest publications. Of the top 10 magazines in terms of readers’ household incomes, five were airline publications…”
Washington Post