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Shari Petti

Shari Petti

This talented young filmmaker from Trinidad & Tobago directed the short documentary Sorf Hair, which explores the natural hair experience in T&T. It screened at major events including the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival in Canada, the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and the Barbados Independent Film Festival

• What is your earliest childhood memory?
Looking forward to every Friday in pre-school, where we would get pennacools on evenings.

• Tell us a secret about your island.
Our food is pretty affordable compared to most islands. That might not be a secret…

• Which is your favourite place in the Caribbean?
Besides home, I really love Martinique – beautiful people, food, scenery. Would recommend.

• Where would you most like to be right now?
I’ve been looking into Cuba quite often lately, so there will be ideal.

• How do you like to lime?
I love liming in small groups – no more than five close friends, probably at some art-related event – followed by drinks and food at Drink!, one of my favourite joints in Trinidad. If I’m feeling for some more vibes, I love a good party at the Big Black Box, preferably if DJ Rawkus is playing. Can never go wrong with a beach lime, too!

• What would you choose to eat for your last supper?
Buss-up-shut from Hoseins – chicken or beef.

• Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
Beyoncé and Issa Rae must be there, at the same time. I can’t choose one.

• What is your favourite word?
Obzocky. I just love the way it sounds, and how Caribbean people say it!

• What one book or movie should everyone read or watch?
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which is a book and a movie. A friend recommended it to me when I was 17, and at first I was a bit sceptical, but I gave it a chance and it changed my life forever. Everything I planned to do at that age when I saw the movie, I’m doing now, and still have much more to accomplish.

• What is your dream job?
Technically, I’m doing it right now – filmmaking. However, I would like to do it on a much larger scale. It would be great to work with some of my favourite celebrities in the future as well.

• What would your super power be?
If there was one that allowed me to get a lot of work done efficiently and not feel tired, I’ll take that, please!

• Where did you fly to last?
Antigua. Hands down, best beaches ever!

• Where are you flying to next?
St Kitts and Guyana soon, to film a project.

• What do you always pack?
My camera, a cosy blanket and moisturiser. Can’t be 100% comfortable without these things.

• What three things sum up the Caribbean for you?
Food, vibrancy, creativity.