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Should Antigua have renamed Boggy Peak as Mount Obama?

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Leesa Parris-Rudder has something she needs to tell you…
"I say it at this time every year... It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas! If you’re like me it’ll be Christmas 2014 on a budget. Translated, that means creative gifts. My friends are often baffled by the unique, organic and often discarded materials I use for gift wrapping – sometimes I use the unimaginable to create blissful spectacles of packaging art. This is truly thinking around the box.
No limits!
Opportunities are often disguised as challenges. We’ve all had our fair share of difficulties and setbacks, but in this season of giving the most important gift you can give is hope – to yourself and to those privileged enough to share your life in whatever capacity.
 To get you started with sharing and caring this season, you’ll discover in this mouth-watering issue what it is like to experience a Caribbean Christmas: the aromas of baked ham and black cake, the parang music and cultural traditions – all seen through the eyes of Caribbean nationals who now reside in other parts of the globe. I’m sure you’ll find a few ideas here to complement your plans. We also take a look at curry doubles in Trinidad and get tips from the best chef in Barbados.
So enjoy the sumptuous pages ahead, have an absolutely wonderful Christmas – and, as always, live life to the full."

Leesa Parris-Rudder
Chief Commercial Officer


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